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    I hope I am not duplicating a previous thread, but have not found one that deals specifically with my gripe.

    I currently have an XPeria X Compact (Android 7) which is my second Android phone. Previous was a Galaxy S3 mini. On both these devices I find that bluetooth headsets (single earpiece in this case) do not work properly.

    Once paired, there is no clear indication that one is connected.

    Notification tones come through the phone speaker, not the headset. So tones from pressing keys, messages etc are not in my ear. In the case of the Samsung this applied even if the wired earphones were plugged in, I kidd you not ! On the Xperia i get a "ring tone" which sounds like a fart under water (sorry, the best description I can think of) which is hardly audible while driving.

    Auto answer seems to be forgotten. The Samsung could do this, but due to the (always on) ascending ringing through the speaker, my first indication of a call was when someone spoke in my ear ! On the Xperia it seems to have been forgotten, cannot find it anywhere.

    I have searched for a single app that will fix all these issues, but to no avail. I have had very little success with auto answer apps, having tried three.

    Please bear with me if I go back in history.

    I had a number of Nokia phones, including an S60 smart phone (one of the last) and an S40 based feature phone which I bought because of the poor performance of the Samsung in my car with bluetooth etc. On both Symbian phones I could set up various profiles, one of which as "In Car". This profile I configured to automatically connect to the bluetooth device (the same one I am using now). It would beep in my ear once connected and show an icon on the screen - all nice and clean and clear. I configured the audio accessories to auto answer when connected to a headset and that was it.

    Once this has been done everything worked perfectly. I knew I was connected, ALL tones came through the headset - GPS on the S60 phone, ring tones, message tones, keypad tones, everything. And of course auto answer was a hit every time, not maybe iffy stuff like with the Android apps I have tried.

    So how is it that Android have to this day, after all this time, with all the processing power available in smart phones, not yet made this a standard feature. It is after all a safety issue not so ? I just don't get it.

    By the way, IOS seem to have similar problems. Tried an i4 for a while and almost threw it out the window in frustration.
    03-09-2017 04:44 AM
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    On both my Samsung tablet and my Nexus 6P, when a Bluetooth device is connected (other than my watch unless I set the watch as an audio destination) the bluetooth icon has a dot added on each side of it, middle of the icon vertically. This indicates to me that the device is connected to SOMETHING - headset, speaker, a computer for file transfer.

    Now, as for the notification tones. I personally LIKE the way it is, I don't wear my headset all the time so I like that notifications come through the phone speakers. I only put the headset on if I'm taking a call. Plus, my headset connects simultaneously to a base unit connected to my desk phone at work, getting notifications while on calls at my desk would be annoying, but I'm also one of those that if I'm talking to someone in person I'm talking to THEM and not wearing my headset. That said, I CAN configure my headset to allow those to play through the headset if I wanted to. I have a Plantronics Voyager Pro, the PLT Hub app allows for such configuration of the headset.
    03-09-2017 05:51 AM
  3. AndreB9's Avatar
    Thanks Hallux, seems I'm a rather lonely voice out there. I want the feature exclusively for use in the car so I wear headset all the time while driving. But having a few options for configuring a "handsfree" profile to our requirements should make it possible for most to use it however they prefer. Currently there is virtually nothing. Just connect to BT and that's it.
    03-10-2017 01:04 AM

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