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    So a couple weeks ago, I had "upgraded," to the Galaxy S7. If that's what you want to call it. Before this I was using the Galaxy S5 since May 2015, so going on pretty much 2 years. Beautiful screen and awesome phone. I was blown away by it when I first got it. It's always generally worked flawlessly 99% of the time even til this day. The battery life was decent, but I never worried too much as I always had a spare battery charged and ready to go as soon as mine died. Never a problem.

    I just figured it was time for something new and T-mobile had the S7 on sale for 360 so I picked up one for me, and one for my wife. Hmmm... Not too happy with my choices now. Though the S7 does come with fast charging and wireless charging accessories... I now see that nothing beats being able to switch out batteries on the fly easily. I'm not gonna say the battery life is horrible on the S7, but I wouldn't say it's amazing either. That and for some reason I keep getting all kinds of random connection error messages, even though I am connected to the internet. Honestly I am just not that impressed with the S7. I think I am going to send it back and go back to my S5.

    What do you guys think? Have you thought about switching to a newer phone? One of the most important aspects of a phone to me is battery life and if I have to be tied to a charger all day, I ain't into that. I wish Samsung still made phones where you could swap out batteries and not have to worry about using a special battery case/power saving mode crap
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    03-16-2017 12:56 AM

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