1. Ebunn's Avatar
    When I take a photo graph the camera wont save tht e photo. It only shows a black screen.
    03-24-2017 01:58 PM
  2. blue64chevy's Avatar
    When you open the camera app, are you able to see what you are going to photograph on the screen, before you attempt to take the picture?
    03-24-2017 02:03 PM
  3. Ebunn's Avatar
    Yes, the camera app acts & looks normal. After I shoot, the thumbnail shows for a few seconds & if I tap on it qwik enuf & eithr crop it or edit it in studio, then it will usually savery it, but if I hesitate a second, then the image goes black/grey with a b/w icon of a photo frame & exclamation point. I'm including a cpl screenshot of what the gallery shows. Sometimes even if the pic that I tap on enlarges to the black screen w/icon, oddly enuf, the thumbnail below will actually show the image taken! And jst opposite, when a folder view of an album in gallery shows a bunch of blank thumbnails, sometimes if u tap on one, evn tho it's blak, it will open th image. It's crazy!

    OMG!! I went to grab a screenshot of what the Cloud gallery showsas it has always shown similar pics & thumbnails and Cloud was working ok an hr ago & showing many pics, but just now it has started acting odd too! I'm getting a lot of blank images & thumbnails. I'm gonna try to catch a screenshot of tht too.
    Ok in addition, now when I try to open the camera (I was gonna capture a screenshot of the camera screen with thumbnail showing) the darn camera is failing! This cam failure has happened b4 & force closing the app won't help, only restarting th phone fixes it. I won't do that until I finish & send this msg.

    The attachments are of ...
    1. Screenshot of folder in gallery.
    2. SS of image opened from gallery.
    3. SS of page at Cloud.
    4. "

    Also, jst FYI, I recently created a folder on my SD card to transfer photos in order to open up more storage on th internal memory. When I used the "Move" option, th poppup said "moved to sd card" but the folder is empty & I can't find the images anywhere on it. And, of course, as I stupidly moved instead of copying th folder, it is now lost. )-;

    In addition, I was considering trying to reset the camera by using the "clear data" option for th camera app in settings and wondered if you knew if I risk losing anything saved in the cloud galleries. I think I will lose all settings & prob all photos(?) in the phone, but do you think it might help? If all those black thumbnails are somehow retrievable in the phone, I won't do it.

    So if you understand what is going on, I'd sure appreciate ANY input you may offer. Thank you for answering my post! ~ Eva. (-;
    Attached Thumbnails Galaxy s5, camera is not saving photos-2017-03-24-13.44.05.jpg   Galaxy s5, camera is not saving photos-2017-03-24-14.24.29.jpg   Galaxy s5, camera is not saving photos-2017-03-24-13.47.17.jpg   Galaxy s5, camera is not saving photos-2017-03-24-13.34.39.jpg  
    03-24-2017 03:53 PM
  4. blue64chevy's Avatar
    Hi, sorry I've been working and haven't had much chance to get on here since before. Has anything changed, or have you done anything else since your last post about camera issue?
    03-28-2017 11:44 PM

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