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    Using sg5neo.

    I was trying to free up some space so I was scrolling through the app manager and uninstalling unused apps and disabling other built in stuff.

    *somewhere* in there I accidentally changed the home button long/short press functions. I *should* have checked after each change but I didn't delete/disable anything that obviously did something I use. I cannot find the right options to re-enable the google search on tap.

    I *think* it was when i got rid of google text to speech... something i need occasionally but wasn't essential. When i disabled that it did say something about databases etc but again... it didnt seem obvious that it would change so much. I think that was what did it bc google search just vanished from my phone. It makes no sense. Why would removing an accessibility feature remove the entire search app??

    I used to hate that feature but ive gotten used to it and not having it is a PITA.

    I can find no way to put back google search on the home button... or anything else there. NO i do not want google now or google plus or wtfever else they have. Just the search engine.

    A lil help appreciated. Thnx
    04-02-2017 09:45 AM

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