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    I've had issues with casting Netflix on my S5 for ages now, and it's recently gotten worse. I wonder if anyone has had the same?

    For ages now, I haven't been able to cast Netflix to my smart TV. The cast icon appears and a timeout code appears, something like 16001 or similar. I've googled it but to no avail. I've restated the phone, rebooted the TV and all that plus made sure the app was updated. YouTube however has no problem casting, also Google home has no problem casting the phone screen.

    Now, the Netflix app doesn't even display the cast icon. YouTube is still fine and Google home can still cast the phone screen, which is a workaround solution to casting Netflix.

    Anyone have any ideas? I'm starting to think that maybe Netflix isn't fully supporting the S5 anymore.
    04-16-2017 12:52 AM

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