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    Hi all, have a couple of questions. I have an old Verizon GS5 that was given to me about two years. Family member wasn't using it anymore, and I was thinking of switching carriers and phones at the time. I never ended up activating it, mostly because I decided to stick with T-Mobile. But now I'm looking to sell it. Two things:

    Is there something I need to do to the phone before selling it to make sure the new owner can activate it?

    Also, I listed it online at $120. It's in great condition, no discernible wear and tear. I've seen it on ebay for around $100. Someone offered me $50 for it today, but when I countered with $100, they countered by offering me their PS3 (including games) and $20. Great offer, but I'm looking for the cash. Am I being unreasonable? What about $80? Just curious, I'm not familiar with selling phones.

    05-23-2017 01:38 PM

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