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    Recently my S5 has started experiencing a problem receiving some text messages. I took it to AT&T - assuming it was a carrier problem - and they can't seem to help. I do not believe this is an issue with the phone itself, but thought I would post here just in case. I searched the forum and can't find anything on this.

    It is sporadic on when it happens, and to who. But several times per week someone asks me about not responding to them. I have not noticed a problem with outgoing messages.

    I use the default texting app, have been turning off my phone every day or every other day, at least.

    If anyone could offer any help, it would be great. I'm not really in the market for a new phone right now, but we do a decent amount of texting for my job, so it is crucial I receive messages. I will break down and get a new phone if I must.

    08-06-2017 12:03 PM
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    Not sure why it happens, but every time this seems to happen to me it's with an AT&T number. So here are a few things to check:
    1) Advanced Messaging (or enhanced or RCS or whatever each carrier names it on your settings). This shouldn't be a problem with you since you're still using the stock app, but for others it might. If they're using Advanced Messaging (some phones can't turn it off unless they turn off VoLTE) and they're not using the stock messaging app, they might not send/receive messages correctly between phones that are both using RCS.

    2) WiFi calling. Try turning it off and on to force re-network registration.

    3) Is it only you not getting messages or also people not getting your messages?

    4) They might play hard-to-get, but try getting AT&T to 'refresh' your SIM Card. Basically re-syncing it with their network, but that can only be initiated from their systems.

    PS: I'm on T-Mobile, but like I said, whenever I have those issues is either an AT&T phone or someone else on T-Mobile using Advanced Messaging and me not using the stock messaging app (if I open that app I see their messages; 3rd party apps cannot access those because of an Android thing, or so they claim). Only reason I've been testing this with ATT is because I'm trying to see if any of my friends with that carrier aren't using their DirectvNow offer so I can use their number for it haha :P
    08-06-2017 12:17 PM
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    WiFi Calling, I have never turned this on. When I go to it, it has "Get Started" at the bottom. Is this something I should be using?

    As far as I know, it is only me not receiving messages. I have not noticed or seen any problems with people not receiving my messages.

    I think going back to AT&T is my best bet. I am positive it is something carrier related, not even necessarily a problem, but I have had this phone for years, so maybe a re-sync is needed.

    Thank you for the help.
    08-06-2017 12:31 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    No need to turn it on if not needed. For me it's useful since I work a lot in heavy-walled or underground labs (no, I'm not a mad scientist, our lab test rooms are just that way hehe) so mobile signal is not always great, but WiFi is readily available, so you can get/make calls and texting on WiFi instead. Another plus is being able to do the same while abroad on WiFi and you'll be basically calling as if you were home, no roaming charges. Pretty neat, but if you don't use it, then no need to activate it.

    Like you say, probably getting ATT to re-sync your account would be a good first-try to get this fixed.

    Oh, another thing I just thought of that might help... try downloading a 3rd party messaging app, set that as the default for texting, reboot, and then re-set your stock messaging app as the default. This might force the app to re-sync your messages and might fix anything that could be wonky (if it's a device/app issue).
    08-06-2017 12:36 PM
  5. TheRealMapes's Avatar
    Great, thanks. I will download another app and do that. That's a good idea.

    Thank you for the help! And good luck on your endeavor to take over the world.
    08-06-2017 12:49 PM
  6. SpookDroid's Avatar
    We're already doing that, bwaaaahahahahaha!!! Skynet is just a step closer now!
    TheRealMapes likes this.
    08-06-2017 12:57 PM

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