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    I have been informed, via Samsung official chat, that my Galaxy S5 can provide transfer speeds of up to 640MB/second but they were not able to tell me if my Galaxy S5 is actually compatible with UHS-II cards.

    This leads me to think I might be able to use a higher speed card than the Samsung EVO (16GB, HC1, U1) card that I currently have but what type of card to use is proving difficult to determine.

    The best transfer speed via my USB 3.0 cable to PC from the micro SD card is 41MB/sec.
    The transfer speed from the phone's internal memory (by the same method) is a lot faster.

    It appears that UHS-II cards have more connector pins so it may be that the higher speed is only attainable in a device that also has more connector pins.

    The fall back option would be to try a UHS-I card at the top end of the speed range. I think that would be designated UHS-I U3. If anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful so I can avoid wasting money on a card that won't actually deliver its speed in my phone.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.
    08-25-2017 02:51 AM

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