1. MolsonsX's Avatar

    I hope someone can help me

    A couple of days ago my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903W) updated from Android 6.xx to 7.0 and ever since then the battery usage has gone crazy.

    I'm losing 10% per hour and it's dead by morning. Never had this problem before the update and I can't figure out what's eating up the battery.

    I tried a couple of battery monitoring apps but they need root access to function efficiently.

    I tried to root my phone with Kingo but it keeps failing.

    Is there any way to downgrade from Android 7 back to the last version of 6 or would performing a factory reset solve the problem?

    Extremely frustrated right now.

    09-06-2017 02:23 PM
  2. can3gxw's Avatar
    I would, first and foremost, back everything up that you have (photos should be using Google Photos - free unlimited photo and video backup) and then perform a hard, full factory reset.

    When you upgrade from one full number version to the next, there are always bits and pieces left over from the previous version that usually don't play nice with the new version. It's also the case with apps running amuck because of the way they acted in 6 vs the way they act in 7. Moving from, say, 7.0 to 7.1 usually doesn't warrant a factory reset, but going from Marshmallow to Nougat? Oh, most definitely!

    When my Pixel got updated from 7.1.2 to 8.0 last month, my battery life was horrific for the first couple of days until I did a factory reset. Once I did that and reinstalled all of my apps, my phone is better than it's ever been.

    Good luck!
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    09-06-2017 03:08 PM
  3. IMANUT46's Avatar
    I thought that the S5 would not be updated to version 7. My phone's on Marshmallow 6.01
    09-07-2017 10:09 AM
  4. MolsonsX's Avatar
    Thanks can3gxw for the advice. I did a hard full factory reset and it seems to be working much better now
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    09-07-2017 11:42 AM
  5. can3gxw's Avatar
    I thought that the S5 would not be updated to version 7. My phone's on Marshmallow 6.01
    I believe that the S5 Neo is the only phone getting Nougat. It is a year and a half newer than the standard S5. It's probably the last update that it will get.
    09-07-2017 12:57 PM
  6. IMANUT46's Avatar
    09-07-2017 01:41 PM

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