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    My samsung galaxy s5 was stuck in a cupboard switched off for around a month because it had a broken screen, i finally sorted out a new screen for it and fitted it yesterday, the screen works great,

    But now when i switch the phone on or put it on charge it just comes on to the screen that says Sansung S5 powered by android, and then it goes back off, and just keeps looping this exact same thing over and over..

    After leaving the phone for 30mins yesterday the phone eventually booted up, and worked perfect, but has soon has the battery ran out and i put it on charge it went back to the boot loop again.

    I cannot get the page to come up to format the phone or wipe cache, by holding vol up + home + power, the phone comes on saying RECOVERY BOOTING in the top left, but then continues with the boot loop.

    I have taken the battery out and held down the power button,
    i have tried another battery,
    i have even tried flashing the phone using odin - this step got the phone to go from boot loop, to actually come on and work, but then boot loop when phone goes dead

    My samsung S5 is SM-G901F

    Many thanks in advance
    09-21-2017 01:09 PM

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