1. cboshdave's Avatar
    I have a samsung Galanxy S5 that I have loved. I thought I would make it more useful by getting an earpiece with a mic boom for driving and talking hands off. I wanted the analog connection because it is more reliable, etc. When I plugged it in though, the mic is not picking up anything. Does the jack on the S5 not support the mic/headphone combination? I was really surprised when it did not work.

    09-27-2017 10:54 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    It does but you gotta make sure the wiring is correct. Unfortunately there are a lot of wiring 'standards', and if your headphones use, for instance, Nokia's or some older iPhone ones, the mic or the 'action button' on the headphones might not work.
    09-27-2017 12:22 PM
  3. can3gxw's Avatar
    No problems at all. I've used both Samsung and Apple earbuds, mic and phones work perfectly
    09-28-2017 05:48 AM

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