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    I'd like to have the number of unread messages and emails display on the lock screen of my Samsung S5 running Android 6.01.

    The settings I currently have are as follows:

    * I have enabled Do Not Disturb for nominated hours.

    * In Do Not Disturb:
    I have selected Custom Exceptions including Messages from Favourite contacts only and
    neither Messages nor Email are activated as Priority apps as I only want (audible) notifications out of hours from Favourites

    * Notifications on lock screen - Show content is selected

    * In App Notifications, Messages is set as follows:
    Allow notifications and Previews in popups are activated; but
    Set as priority and Hide on lock screen are both off as I don't want it them to over-ride my do not disturb hours and I don't what to hide it on the lock screen, I want to display on lock screen.

    * In App Notifications Email is set to
    Previews in pop-ups is activated
    All other options are set to off

    * In Lock screen I have:
    Screen lock set to Swipe;
    Dual clock On;
    Clock Size normal;
    Show date and camera shortcut set to on;
    Owner information set to blank;
    Popping colours;
    Show weather information on and
    help text off

    I have no idea what other settings may affect the lock screen but it won't show my message or email count. Is there any way of getting these to display?
    10-01-2017 08:51 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central. Sorry, I don't know of anyway to do that on the lock screen.

    If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Android Central.
    10-01-2017 09:16 AM
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    Mod note. Thread moved to the S5 forum for better visibility.
    10-01-2017 09:57 AM
  4. robsue38's Avatar
    Sorry for not having logged in first. I thought I was logged in before I posted the question. Now logged in.

    Thanks too for moving the question. Is this bookmark still valid or do I need to find the question elsewhere to see if anyone has posted an answer?

    10-01-2017 06:47 PM
  5. PJRed2008's Avatar
    No, this is your thread, any responses would be here.
    10-01-2017 06:54 PM

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