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    I'm copying the relevant bits from someone with the same problem found here:

    My camera can't focus on anything more than about 7" away. It used to work, but I noticed a short while ago that it won't focus. I've tapped the phone to try and get it to focus and tried downloading photo taking apps but nothing can help. I have tried messing with all the settings, and clearing the camera app cache too.

    Someone else replied:
    B. Diddy
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    "The autofocus mechanism is one of the very few moving parts in a phone (the other usually being the vibration motor), so it's possible it may have failed, especially if there were any recent drops or trauma."

    My rear camera focus stopped working when I dropped the phone flat on it's back and the rear camera lens cover shattered as well(it's the rounded square piece of glass on the outside of the rear camera). I first thought that replacing the lens cover might fix the focus issue, but it did not.

    So my real question:
    Is the Galaxy-S5's rear-facing-camera's auto-focus-mechanism in the camera part itself, or is it located elsewhere in the phone? Or another way to ask; if I replace the rear camera will that fix my focus problem?

    I want to clarify that my problem is different from what seems to be the more common focus problem described here:

    Thanks for your help!
    10-13-2017 09:30 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The autofocus mechanism is within the camera module itself. The glass overlying the camera lens is just protective -- it has no effect on focusing. You'll have to get the camera module replaced.
    10-14-2017 06:39 PM

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