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    Hello, I have a Samsung S5 SM-G900V, which has 16GB of space total on the phone not counting my SD card. I already had most of my pictures on my 64GB SD card, but I recently moved the rest of my pictures from the Phone storage over to my SD card since my phone seemed to be running slow. When I do a properties on Phone when connected to my computer, it shows 1.14GB free of 10.5GB. Can someone tell me why my phone has 16GB base storage although properties indicates it only has 10.5GB? Also, I actually wrote down all of the folders within Phone storage, did properties on all of them and added them up and it is only totalling 627MB. I would think when I add up the properties of all of these folders they would at least total 10.5GB. Does anyone know why they don't? Thanks, Greg
    11-06-2017 04:41 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The phone has 16 GB of total internal storage, but the OS and other bloatware will still take up a good chunk of that. In your case, it takes up about 5.5 GB. So that leave you with 10.5 GB of usable internal storage.

    Which folders are you referring to? Do you mean the categories in the Settings>Storage menu?
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    11-08-2017 01:21 AM

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