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    I have a 16G Galaxy 5, about 1G shy of the limit. How do I move audio stuff from internal storage to the SD card? I believe it's done thru the MY FILES folder, but how do I tell what's in there, and what the size of the files are? The music there is in a bunch of separate folders, some by artist, some by album, etc., but there is a way to find out the size of those folders so I can know how much I'm moving? And yes, I know, it's about time to get a new phone, but aside from the lousy 16G storage internally, the phone is working fine.
    01-21-2018 05:15 PM
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    The simple way to do it is through the My Files app, but as you saw, that is also quite limited. You can select multiple files and folders (and I believe you can show some details, too) and copy/move in a batch. You can also download a more powerful 3rd party file manager app (like ES or Astro), or the most common way, just connect your phone to a computer and move things around as you would on your PC.

    Also, since SD cards are not the most reliable media (and for some reason, especially on Samsung devices; just look for the ton of forum posts here with horror stories about losing pictures stored in failing SD cards...mine included), I TRULY recommend backing up your files elsewhere first, and then moving to SD Card.
    01-21-2018 08:27 PM
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    Thanks - don't know why I didn't think of just connecting phone to the computer and moving them that way. The music files I'll be transferring are already backed up on my computer (Windows Media), and photos are on Google Drive. I'm quite familiar with SD horror stories as I lost all SD content a couple of years ago.


    I put in a larger capacity SD card and successfully moved what was on the old 8GB card to the new 32. I tried to move the audio files from the internal to the SD but I'm having no luck with that. I tried it through my computer, and thought I'd moved them all from the MUSIC folder on the phone to the MUSIC folder on the SD card, but they either never got there or I'm just not seeing them. And...they still are showing as on the phone. I've done some searches to find specific ones, and they show up where they're supposed to be in the search, when I look on the computer, they are still where they are NOT supposed to be. Very strange. And moving them thru the phone is confusing, as they seem to be listed as individual tracks, and not by album. At least most of them are...very confusing. If I do try to move them from phone to SD and they are already on the SD (even tho I"m not seeing them...), will it tell me while I'm moving them that it's a duplicate, or will I wind up with two copies of the same thing? THe audio files are bringing me too close to the 16G on the phone, so I"ve gotta do something (other than getting a larger capacity phone),
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    01-22-2018 09:48 AM

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