1. IMANUT46's Avatar
    Samsung Galaxy S5, Android Marshmallow 6.01, Verizon network.
    I have many Newsreaders that I perused every morning. Some of the articles I need to read in-depth. I use the share commands to isolate the file and send it to another application so I can review it later. It works on every news reader accept 1 when I press this year command on that one news reader, I get the clipboard. How can I change any settings to permit me to use a share command for other purposes.Thanks
    02-13-2018 03:59 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Check the specific app's default actions. You should be able to clear them from the App Manager. That way, when you tap the Share button there, it should ask you again where to share to.
    02-13-2018 04:21 PM
  3. IMANUT46's Avatar
    My app has no default settings. There is nothing I can change. What else can I try? Thanks.
    02-14-2018 07:15 AM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I meant in the App Manager, the 'default actions' section. You should be able to clear that section (not in your app's settings, but in the App Manager from your phone, in that app section).
    02-15-2018 10:52 AM
  5. IMANUT46's Avatar
    thanks much for your help. That did it.
    SpookDroid likes this.
    02-15-2018 01:32 PM
  6. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Glad you got it back! Not sure why, however, some apps seem to want to make one action as a default, so you might have to do that again if you want to share to a different app/location, but hopefully that'll do it.
    02-15-2018 02:21 PM
  7. IMANUT46's Avatar
    OK. You've always been a good help. Thanks again.
    02-16-2018 06:31 AM
  8. SpookDroid's Avatar
    No problemo! That's why we're here
    02-16-2018 10:50 AM

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