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    What is the best email account with fonts. (free)
    06-21-2018 08:43 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Just in case anyone is still looking here, email is a text medium - it specifies characters, not how they get displayed. If you want fonts, or colors, or sizes, you have to send your email as HTML, and that's up to your email app and the email app or program the recipient is using. All email accounts handle text that includes HTML headers, it's not the account that matters. (Of course, if you don;t understand HTML and CSS, you have to use an app that translates your selecting "12 pt" from a dropdown or the menu or somewhere, into 12 point text, and your selection of "red" into CSS that specifies red.

    You can't actually send fonts in emails, you can only specify which font to display in, and which font family to fall back to in case the recipient doesn't have that font (which, in a phone, is most likely, since people don't take up storage for 100 fonts in a phone the way they do in a Windows computer), so you might not get the font you want that way anyway. Attaching a picture of the message in the font, color, size, etc., that you want is about the only way to almost guarantee that the recipient will be able to see it.

    (And some of us, realizing that an HTML email is a request for money, whether it's an ad or a scam, just have emails with HTML content filtered out on arrival - and never see them at all.)
    07-18-2018 02:32 PM

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