1. DiacloneFx's Avatar
    It looks like that support for Bluetooth external controllers, like gamepads, is broken on the UK Galaxy 5, starting from firmware G900FXXU1CRA2 and still broken in G900FXXU1CRH1.
    External controllers work fine in G900FXXS1CQD1.

    The controllers are correctly paired, but the menu doesn't show the frame around the icons for navigation with the external controller, and the apps don't receive any input from them. It is like Android doesn't enter in controller input mode. Wired controllers connected through micro USB work fine.

    Can anyone confirm this is happening for them too, please?
    05-29-2019 06:33 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Samsung isn't about to issue fixes to a phone that's 5 years old, so about all you can do is flash CQD1. (Or learn programming, find what's broken in CRH! [which is probably he last one issued] and fix it. A lot of people on XDA Forums would be very grateful for something like hat.)
    06-01-2019 12:21 PM

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