1. labas10's Avatar
    I do 20 times connected and discconect with 1 sec to put charger and disconnect now when i put to charger sometimes not charging of first time, when i moving usb in port The phone charging. And when pull out of charger The phone shows charging after i disconnect its shows charging aboyt 30s,and The charger stopped, but sometimes work ok, where could be a problem? Maybe usb port damage or usb cable? I plug in The same charger to a5 before 4months ago, not charging from first time. Maybe could be a problem on s5 because i do 20 times to connect charger and discconect multiple times after 1 sec in a day... Į never see before. Weird
    06-23-2019 01:05 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    when i moving usb in port The phone charging.
    Maybe usb port damage
    Not the port being damaged, one of the 2 charging pins is no longer soldered to the board. But, due to the way the phone is built, it costs less to buy a new phone than to pay a repair shop to open the phone up, solder the port and close the phone up again. (I have an S5 with the same problem - and an external charger that cost a few dollars. It's not as convenient, I have to take the battery out and out it into the charger to charge it - but it works.)
    06-23-2019 01:28 PM
  3. labas10's Avatar
    How damage pin??? When i moving usb in port, doesnt stop charging phone so not usb port... Its be when moving usb in port disconnect The charger and connected again. But not. The charger when moving usb cable in usb port charging ok. Sometimes when i disconnect charger shows charger connected and battery charging after 20times when i do put charger in and out this i do 20times after 1s when i disconnect and reconnect to charger again. How damage?
    06-23-2019 02:12 PM
  4. labas10's Avatar
    Pin is okay in phone usb i see, not damaged, how could be damage when i do 20times to pull out charger and connect in 1s when i disconnect charger and connected again. I did 20times after 1s when disconnect charger
    06-23-2019 02:15 PM

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