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    My previous phone (HTC One) was able to control applications like Spotify with the volume buttons on the side of the phone even when the phone was locked. I can't for the life of me figure out a way to convince this device to do anything other than volume control with the volume rocker. I'd just like to use the volume control with short clicks, but if I do a long press it doesn't something else (this may have been a feature of Cyanogen that I was using previously?).

    I'd like to use a Long hold on up and down to Next Track / Previous Track. Right now if I do this, instead it just blows out my ear drums by maxing the volume quickly. Are there apps that allow me to customize what the volume rocker does in specific states?

    Also, does this phone not intelligently recognize the difference between headphones being plugged in vs plugging it into an Auxillary jack? That was something else that worked well on my One as well.

    AT&T having this phone locked down is starting to **** me off thoroughly!
    10-27-2015 04:27 PM

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