1. AC Question's Avatar
    My phone is sitting dormant doing nothing and the screen won't turn off. It displays the lock screen and keeps timing out. When it times out, it turns black and immediately turns back on and displays the lock screen again. I have no idea why this could be happening. Any ideas?
    01-27-2016 09:24 PM
  2. Ashtroid666's Avatar
    Seems like a software issue.
    Try to wipe everything and factory reset your phone.
    Did you do any damage to the phone before that?
    01-27-2016 10:16 PM
  3. Grover Oliver's Avatar
    I had an issue like this several years ago. Turned out that the case I had the phone in was keeping just enough pressure on one of the buttons to keep the phone active.
    01-29-2016 08:37 AM
  4. Beaverslayer's Avatar
    Mine does this if the Peel remote control app is still showing in the active apps after using the app. Hit the recent button and swipe it closed and the screen will quit waking.
    01-29-2016 02:53 PM
  5. rotroman's Avatar
    I eventually disabled everything Peel on my phone and will never look back- it gets so intrusive and obnoxious about stuff I never care about.
    02-08-2016 08:42 PM

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