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    I am not sure if this is a Google Fit issue, or my active. Since the Google Fit support pages do not provide me a way to submit a ticket, nor is their online help any help at all, I am asking here. I pondered putting this in the Android Apps forum but hoping this may be better answered here as it may be phone related.

    The quick story: yesterday, I walked a lot. I went to a local city park, I went to the gym, and then back to the city park. I hit over 15k steps according to my FitBit, and over 16k according to Google Fit. I assume the GF number is the phones internal pedometer and not specific to the app, but I could be wrong on that.

    My issue: None of my almost 4 hours of walking got detected by Google Fit's auto-activity detection, and I mean none. The only time it thinks I walked yesterday was when I walked my son to his bus stop at 6:40am. I always keep the setting on and I verified it was still on last night.

    I am attaching two screenshots taken after 9pm last night, one of my FitBit app and one of my Google Fit app. You'll see the high step count in the GF screenshot, but the paltry 0.6 miles and only 16 minutes of walking which, going into the timeline, was all done in the morning. I am not worried that the step count doesn't match, they are separate trackers so that's understandable.

    I saw somewhere else on these forums, but couldn't find, where someone said they had to shake their device to get the internal pedometer to start working? Not positive I recall the issue correctly that was being talked about on that thread. But, my question is, is this an internal pedometer or motion sensor issue in my phone, could it be an app issue, or has anyone seen something similar to this? This is the first time that I recall that so much motion tracking was completely missed by GF, especially when it was in large spurts and not just scattered throughout the day, few minutes here and there which is where I might expect it.

    Google Fit/internal pedometer issue?-screenshot_20161026-212938.jpgGoogle Fit/internal pedometer issue?-screenshot_20161026-212929.jpg
    10-27-2016 09:25 AM

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