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    Device: Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
    Android 7.0
    Security Patch, May 1
    Security software: McAfee
    Carrier AT&T
    Device is out of warranty. (2 years old)

    When I leave the phone unattended, long enough for the screen to turn off, plus another 10 minutes or so, I am unable to turn the phone back on the normal way by pushing the "home" button.

    In order to use the device I must do the following, in this order:

    1. Press and hold the Power Button. The LED turns on, blue, and the AT&T tones play, as if the phone is being turned on. The screen remains off and is not visible. I believe the phone is on, as I have been able to take pictures with the "Active" key. Yet, if I call the phone, it does not ring.

    2. I then have to do a "reboot" (volume down key and power button) The device then boots up as it would normally when turning on. The device will not "Reboot" this way, without first doing step 1 above.

    Then phone then works as normal, until left unattended again, connected to the charger or not.

    Steps taken already:

    Called the carrier, AT&T. They advised it was an App issue and I should delete the most recent app added.

    I deleted the newest APP and deleted 10 apps that had recently updated.
    I went into settings and disabled any other apps which had that option.
    I did a "Force Stop" on ALL Apps.

    The problem was not solved.

    I then booted the device into "Safe Mode" and left it unattended.

    The problem occured again. exactly as described above.


    UPDATE June 22

    1 I moved all photos on the device to the cloud.
    2. I deleted all saved documents I no longer needed, or moved them to the cloud also.
    3. I went to the Settings area of the device.
    3. Opened "General Management", Then the "Reset", then "Reset Settings"
    4. I reset all settings. (not Factory Reset"

    The problem appeared solved for 4 hours, and then returned.

    My next option is to try a Factory Reset. I'll let you know.

    Any help or ideas will be appreciated.reset
    06-21-2017 02:13 PM

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