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    I was putting a case on the phone, face down, and pushing on it. All of a sudden it's making a periodic beeping noise, and now there is a slow scrolling horizontal line from top to bottom. When I touch the screen, it starts a slow scrolling vertical bar. When I touch it, a menu pops up at the intersection of the two lines with some sort of weird menu. It looks like some sort of Accessibility mode of some sort, but I can't even get into my setting menu to check it.

    I managed to reboot it twice, but it reboots back into the same offed up mode. I've tried every combination of options I can think of, but I cannot get out of this mode! I can't even take a screenshot because my options are so limited. Can anyone tell me what's going on before I throw this freaking thing through a window?!!!!
    09-11-2015 07:47 PM

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