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    Hi guys, I recently got a Samsung S6 Edge+ which is running Marshmallow 6.0.1 Un-rooted.

    What the problem seems to be is that even if I am not using my phone ,whether that me day or night, the battery will always deplete. I decided to run a test at night where I had Greenify (un-rooted mode): hibernate all apps; aggressive doze=on; automated hibernation=on; alternate screen off mode=on;Don't remove notifications(limited)=on. I also had wifi off, location off, airplane mode on, power saving mode enabled, bluetooth off, mobile data off, nfc off and sync off. Only notification apps that were running where lastpass fill helper, finger security and pixoff battery saver.

    So I charged my phone up to 100% last night and left it on sleep at 11:06PM. I woke up at 8:58PM only to see my battery had depleted to 63%. This gives an overall depletion rate of 3.75%/hour [(100-63)/(9.86666 hours)]. I don't know what the problem is as my mum's samsung s7 edge only loses 1% overnight and the phone has wifi, sync, cell, all on.

    04-11-2017 08:32 PM

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