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    I left my phone for a couple hours. Went back on it to take a picture and noises there's a black smudge on the picture. Brother told me it's dust but I've tried everything and it won't budge. I've tried bang on it, hitting it, tapping it, dropping it, cleaning it and nothing works. Any help?
    01-21-2018 11:08 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I moved this from the S6 edge forum to the S6 edge+ forum, just to be as specific as possible.

    I'm assuming this is the case, but just to be sure -- does the same smudge show up in the same place on every shot you take? If there's dust on the inside of the camera glass, you'd probably have to get it removed and cleaned, then replaced -- I'd bring it to a repair shop for that. Be careful about hitting the area too much, since the autofocus mechanism is a moving part, and excess trauma might disrupt it.
    01-22-2018 01:58 AM

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