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    Hi guys. Just 5 minutes ago i set my locked my phone and when I picked it up it just wouldn't work. I tried to charge it but when I took the charger out the red indicator light stayed on and it still is. I tried to put it in recovery boot mode or whatever it's called but that won't work either. What do I do now?
    09-29-2018 09:56 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Plug the charger in. Leave it in for at least 4 hours. Then see if it will turn on.

    If not, bring it to a repair shop and see how much they think it might cost to repair it, so you can decide what to do.

    (If you've been running the battery all the way down before charging it, you may have killed it, and it has to be replaced. If that's the case, see what Samsung USA is currently charging - it used to be $60.)
    09-29-2018 03:21 PM
  3. DARK Vader777's Avatar
    Had a S6 edge plus I sold to a friend a year ago. He brought it over with the screen all pixelated.
    I tried everything to clear it. I told him I'd pay half to have it fix. But I wonder what caused this? Any thoughts
    10-07-2018 10:02 PM
  4. Grantorkush's Avatar
    If you can't repair it and its in good physical condition but useless I'll buy it for parts to fix my s6 edge.
    Thanks Grant [phone number redacted by Mod]
    12-23-2018 12:21 AM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Mod note: Please don't include any personal info in your posts, for your own privacy. you can always send a Private Message to another member if you're interested in a transaction.
    12-23-2018 02:34 AM

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