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    Was talking to a family member who works the mobile department at a Best buy store. He was telling me they're going to start doing training this week with presale starting on the 27th. He was told no-one can request any time off during the next 2 weeks and especially the weekend of the 11th as Samsung is going to release the S6 and S6 edge. He works the Samsung experience part so he's privy to information. Take it for what it's worth but I'm getting excited! Trying to pry more info from him. I have Verizon so I'm curious on what they're going to offer. I'll update when I get something worthwhile!
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    03-21-2015 07:03 PM
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    nice, 2 years is up in April on the s4, perfect timing!

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    03-21-2015 08:11 PM
  3. xcalibur1011's Avatar
    I'm not eligible for an upgrade until September, but I will be calling Verizon this week to request an early upgrade.
    03-22-2015 07:19 AM

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