1. Dualmonitors's Avatar
    all of a sudden, after my dinner this evening, my S6 edge was completely unresponsive.

    pressing the power button for 7+ seconds, as per Samsung, did not work at all. totally black screen, no response.

    pressing the volume DOWN button, power button, and the home button, also to no avail.
    on the other hand, while on the phone to TMobile's customer service to report this non-functional brand new phone,

    i was continuing to press the abovementioned buttons frantically.

    well, while i was talking to TMobile via my landline, the phone eventually booted up.
    this was VERY haphazard. i had no idea what i was doing. the only thing i recall reading about this was

    to press the power button for 7 seconds, which Samsung had said was the equivalent of pulling out the battery.

    right. that's bogus. that did nothing for me.

    yet, by pressing the volume up or down button PLUS the power button PLUS the home button,

    i don't know exactly which combination eventually worked, as i was trying various permutations, eventually, the phone booted up.

    this does not give me confidence in this phone.

    i have no idea what eventually i did to make this phone boot up eventually. all i did was to be on the phone with TMobile and

    press the power button plus the volume up or down button, plus the home button, and eventually, it rebooted and came back to life.

    totally odd.
    04-05-2015 11:06 PM
  2. Nice N Sticky's Avatar
    I would consider getting a new one. It would suck to realize that the phone is a lemon after the return period has expired.
    04-06-2015 07:45 AM
  3. ek150407's Avatar
    It's volume button and power button together for seven plus seconds!
    04-07-2015 02:04 AM
  4. Raptor007's Avatar
    I would absolutely get it replaced as a lemon, no sense it letting it go past 14 days and getting a refurb unit. You paid top dollar for a top dollar device.
    04-07-2015 08:34 PM
  5. Morgan Alldredge's Avatar
    UP volume and Power button for 10ish seconds!

    Thank you, saved me a lot of hassle with ATT.
    06-27-2015 04:01 PM
  6. Bridget Beauvais Reed's Avatar
    This SAME thing happened to me. Went to bed with a working phone, 50% battery, set it down on night stand and woke up to a completely dead/black screen phone. Wouldn't respond to charger or holding power button.

    Started pushing home, up/down volume, power buttons all at the same time and finally the battery symbol popped up on screen (said 45% battery), pressed power button and the phone turned ON!! Is working normal and didn't lose anything. Obviously, theres some kind of glitch to these phones or connection with Google (when there just sitting still and DIE!).
    07-10-2015 08:37 AM
  7. Snoop73's Avatar
    For anyone saying that it's because you pressed this or that for a certain time... is wrong!
    Mine has played up a couple of times now with the phone locking up whenever it goes into sleep/lock mode. And yes I could always soft restart it (vol down + power), but it was being a real pain in the a$$ yesterday.
    After soft restarting it about a dozen times it started to have issues even doing that. So after a bit of searching, I found out how to hard restart it (vol up + power + home). And yes, it worked, the first time... and the second time... but not anymore. It's now dead, with the blue light flashing.
    So I grabbed my sim and stuck it in my wife's old i5 today and left my S6 sitting on the kitchen bench while I went out. Earlier this evening I picked it up, pressed the power button, and low and behold it booted up. But only for about 10 seconds as it only had 1% battery life left. I didn't have time to get it to the charger.
    And now... NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH, NADA! The thing will not respond to any amount of combinations, or time held, or anything!
    I don't know what the f*#% is wrong with it, but I'll leave it on charge overnight to see what happens in the morning!
    If i can manage to get the thing working again, I just want to transfer a few things from it, then it's going back whence it came!
    11-01-2015 05:51 AM
  8. bluekrait's Avatar
    i just had this probleme with my s6 edge it started about a month ago when i was charging it over a cold marbel it becaome completely unresponsive only the red led (red light of death) knowing that i've tried all the combinations that you can imagine, then all of a suddent i heard a floud of sounds (whatsapp messages facebook notifications...) and just like that it was like nothing was wrong untill a week later it was like deja vu, same problem not responsive for another 4 hours then worked fine for almost 20 days untill 3 days ago same problem only this time he did it for good not a single sign of life, i was very mad so without any hesitation i smashed the ****er against a wall (problem solved). im done with samsung, probably i will never buy their trash again.
    11-26-2016 05:40 PM

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