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    Samsung boss says Galaxy S6 Edge availability will be limited “for a while”

    As Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge, the company’s mobile boss admitted that the Edge would be available in limited quantities at launch.

    Talking to the press in Seoul ahead of the Galaxy S6 Edge’s debut tomorrow, Samsung Mobile CEO JK Shin said that the phone’s curved screen is difficult to manufacture, and that will affect the initial availability of the device.

    “We’re working hard to resolve the difficulty in supply,” said Shin, but the executive cautioned that the supply restraint may last “for a while.” Shin refused to provide details on the exact issues affecting manufacturing, but an older report points to the curved glass protecting the display as a potential culprit. Samsung’s glass suppliers reportedly face low yield rates, while the lengthy fabrication process and high cost further add to the challenge.

    It’s not clear what effect this “difficulty in supply” will have on the actual in-store availability of the Galaxy S6 Edge; the device is expected to be in high-demand, and Samsung reportedly ramped up production based on the warm reception the Edge enjoyed.

    Following glowing reviews and a generally positive reaction from users, Samsung expects the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to set a new sales record. JK Shin said he expects the S6 to outsell both the Galaxy S5, and Samsung’s all-time best-seller, the Galaxy S4. “We expect (the figure) will be a lot higher, compared with the Galaxy S5 last year or its preceding model,” Shin said.
    04-10-2015 05:26 AM

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