1. lindseybp's Avatar
    Seems like the screen scratches issue has died down a little. Is it safe to assume this was mainly an issue with early batches or are people still getting ones with scratches on all carriers?
    04-12-2015 03:17 PM
  2. BlueGoldAce's Avatar
    Still there.

    It is to time for people to just enjoy the phone. Micro scratches are going to end up on most phones. I think mine has some, I might even call up tmobile tomorrow. But.... I can see them. Not in normal user, not even when I try to in normal light. It is just in the sun, if I look really really hard, I think I can see some.

    But again,why care? I won't matter if you decide to put a screen protector on (which is making a sacrifice one way or a another), and if you decide not to, you going to get micro scratches in the coating. It is just physics, and it doesn't really make a difference. Hell... It is unlikely to matter when you sale it or trade it. Most people don't care. I sold my nexus 6,whixh had micro scratches and one small legitatment stratch.. Still got all but 50 bucks of what I paid orginally.

    I might call tomorrow, on my 14 day, just because I can. But what if i get a phone that has worse scratching, or something else weird? Probably not worth the headache and risk.

    I used to really worry and obsess with these kind of things (still convinced my iphone was bent), but I am realizing it doesn't really matter.

    Just enjoy the phone, or don't get it. It's not worth you time and hassle to spend all that money just to grab a super bright light and see of there are invisible scratches present at extreme angles.

    Now if it is visible in normal uses, exchange it.

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    04-12-2015 04:27 PM
  3. shadow82x's Avatar
    I'd take micro scratches over dead/stuck pixels. There will always be the risk of the defect, just bite the bullet and buy one. If you aren't satisfied you have a return window.
    04-12-2015 04:52 PM
  4. STEVESKI07's Avatar
    Mine are extremely visible in the sun. The fact that I'm having WiFi drain issues makes it an easy decision for me to return it. I probably would have even if it was working fine though.
    04-12-2015 07:18 PM
  5. Raptor007's Avatar
    I would say limited, mine was in perfect condition and anything could have happened that some devices slipped through QC. I say get it replaced under warranty asap so you get a brand new device.
    04-12-2015 08:56 PM

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