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    I have had plenty of snartphones over the years, and I can tell you that after using the S6 edge for 2 days that this is the best smartphone that has ever been made....not possibly... Not maybe.... In the history of smartphones... This phone takes the crown. Simply, and irrefutably, the king of smartphones.

    I always thought that the iPhone 4 and 4s were the best ... Even after the scratch-n-pray iPhone 5 and the bendy iPhone 6, those 4 series phones were the pinnacle of industrial design. Beautiful glass and metal designs that felt great in the hand. Stunning performance at the time.

    The iPhone 6 and 6 plus are a joke. My spousal unit has the iPhone 6. I told her to take it out of the case so I could check it out... It was bent... Badly I must say. Was considering going back to iOS... I like the apps and the ecosystem (minus iTunes). After seeing her phone, in an Otterbox for as long as she has had it, made me reconsider. And if you head over to iMore they will degrade and laugh at you about this "issue". It's real. And yes, they do bend, even the regular 6. I can, and will, take pictures with the kick *** camera on my S6 edge of the bend if anyone replies to this requesting proof.

    The build of the S6 edge is impeccable. Yes I found the edges a little "sharp". Like it wants to cut your fingers. I got over it. Especially after I put a case on it (Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal). But totally naked I can see why this would throw some into the camp of " the regular S6 feels better". Of course it does. It feels like a normal smartphone. If you want the edge screen you gotta deal with it. To some this is not acceptable.... Dealing with the feeling "in hand". I get it. Go have fun with the S6. Its great.

    But not as great as the S6 edge. With the quick contacts, light up face down colored pulsating goodness, night clock, and lock screen notifications. This is the phone that puts all others to shame. Its fast. You can theme it. Change the icon grid. So many options. But the kicker, the thing that every iPhone lover hates, is the camera on this beast.

    8MP is so 2009. The shooter on this hunk of a phone is the superstar of the show. If you are balking at this phone because it has Android, or because it is not Made in America, you are missing out on the absolute best camera (and video) experience ever put into a smartphone. It is without question, in every measurable statistic, better than ANY smartphone camera on the freaking planet.

    I feel for my forum friends that have rotation issues, battery woes, and standby drain. I have none of that crap. This thing is a beast. It is the best smartphone I have ever laid my hands on. I feel I am privileged to live in this time in history to experience a smartphone like this. It is truly special, and the best smartphone available, unequivocally.
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    04-18-2015 10:21 PM

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