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    I just wondered if others were having the same trouble with the email app that comes with the S6. I have an Exchange account configured and have two issues. First, my inbox won't stay sorted. I have it set for Unread to be at the top - which it will do, but next time I go into my Inbox, it is sorted by date. I have to resort. On my S4, this setting "stuck" and always gave me Unread first.

    The second issue is that when I reply to an email and start typing, the cursor isn't anywhere in the email - typing does nothing. The keyboard acts like it is typing just fine, but text doesn't appear anywhere in the email. I have to click on the screen and then start typing for it to work. This happens with both the default Samsung keyboard and Swiftkey which makes me think it's an email app issue.

    Otherwise, I'm happy with the S6 - battery life is good, I have moments of sluggishness, but I'm sure that will get worked out (or I'll figure out what app is causing it).
    04-23-2015 01:24 PM

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