1. Teiji Ishida's Avatar
    I've used Google Now launcher and really like the "Ok, Google" hotword. But I recently switch to the GO launcher and really love its customization. Too bad, it's missing the "Ok, Google" hotword feature. So is there any app (without changing the launcher) or hacks that can enable "Ok Google" hotword everywhere, even on the lockscreen if possible?
    04-24-2015 05:56 PM
  2. mush10's Avatar
    Try Nova launcher. I know you said not to change but it will give you the customization of Go with the option you are looking for regarding OK Google.

    Posted via Galaxy S6
    04-24-2015 09:37 PM
  3. Teiji Ishida's Avatar
    I tried that launcher before. The customization is limited (less transition effects, no gestures, doesn't have the beautiful time/weather widget, etc) compares to the Go Launcher, and the interface is ugly as hell (not as professional and elegant as the Go). So I settle for the Go. Don't wanna go back to it just for the "Ok, Google" hotword. =(
    04-25-2015 09:58 AM

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