1. AC Question's Avatar
    i think that the problem is on my phone samsung galaxy s6 cause with my old s5 i dont have problems i cant find screen mirroring on s6
    04-26-2015 03:34 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    From Galaxy S6/ S6 EDGE- Where can i find the screen mirroring menu in Settings? | Support | SAMSUNG Levant

    In previous models like the Galaxy Note 4, you can access Screen mirroring in
    Settings->Connections->NFC and Sharing.

    However, with Galaxy S6, it cannot be found in the settings. It can only be accessed by going to the Quick Panel and in Video/Gallery applications.

    04-26-2015 04:20 PM
  3. billy BOWDEN's Avatar
    In your Quick bar you will see QUICK CONNECT option which is used for screen mirroring now.
    10-08-2015 04:37 PM

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