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    So, we have all read all the threads about turning Enhanced LTE off etc, etc. My battery life is also considerably better with wifi completely off. AT&T BTW. But i note the following. When I am in downtown Atlanta, with 5 bars of LTE goodness I use about 2.5 - 3 % battery per hour. Very decent. At home, where LTE kinda sucks, 1.5 bars or so battery consumption rises to about 5% per hour or so. Signal has long sucked at my house and for years I have owned a 3G microcell. When the phone switches over to the microcell, i have 5 bars, but its 3g (aka faux G). Consumption rises further to 6.5+% per hour. Turning wifi on when I am in the house lowers it back to 5.5% per hour or so.

    What I speculate is happening is that this phone really REALLY wants an LTE signal and will search hard for it even if it has a decent 3g signal. Hence the higher battery consumption on the microcell. And, all these variables relate to the data radio and not the voice band radio. I say that because I got one honkin voice radio signal on the microcell, yet higher battery consumption.

    With Enhanced LTE turned off "cell standby" never shows on my battery stats at all. So, it seems to me whats needed is quite a bit of optimization of how often, how hard, it looks for a better signal. We certainly want it to take advantage of a better signal when available, but not to the point of using a 1/3 of its battery life looking for the better signal. The insanely high consumption with Enhanced LTE turned on may be of the same nature where it is just obsessed with finding something it can not have. There is no reason these things should not have been found before release, nor any reason it should not be the object of a quick update. Nonetheless its a great phone, I love it and all i want is a good days life out of the battery without having to pay attention to details.

    Here is the surprise of the day. I ran a speed test downtown today. 77.35 Mbps download!!! 77!! I have never seen a number that high before. Wow.
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    04-28-2015 09:47 PM
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    I like that analysis--makes a lot of sense.
    04-28-2015 11:36 PM

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