12-15-2015 04:30 PM
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  1. dsiiist's Avatar
    That's pretty much it, I can only find the gold version, so if I wait I'd get the black one, but, should I?
    05-01-2015 01:46 AM
  2. Samsung Silver Surfer's Avatar
    Gold platinum all day long. I have it and it is stunning. I originslly ordered the black then saw the Gold and chsnged straight away. Also the black seems to be the version with the scratches underneath ghe screen on the plastic substrate from when they are polished at the factory. Been an issue since initial release
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    05-01-2015 02:48 AM
  3. dsiiist's Avatar
    Well then, gold it, what color are you guys getting?
    05-01-2015 02:51 AM
  4. bembol's Avatar
    I initially wanted white, they only had black available that day.

    Honestly I didn't know other colors we're available thinking it would be months before we get them up here.

    I was lucky shipment came in that day and didn't hesitate when I learned gold was available.

    Much better than Apple's gold iPhone.

    SHIFT_sixty four s6 edge
    05-01-2015 03:18 AM
  5. dsiiist's Avatar
    I think white's the worst out of all of em, black comes next, then gold platinum and emerald green (although, nearly everyone wud pick the green of gold IF it was available)
    05-01-2015 06:11 AM
  6. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    Gold is the reason I got this phone. If it was only available in black or white I would not have bought it. I like how the platinum looks comes out in certain angles of light.
    05-01-2015 08:56 AM
  7. anon(1733)'s Avatar
    I like the black myself and that's what I got the gold is nice but I don't want a gold phone. Green is the best looking for me but Verizon doesn't offer that. White is the worst I agree.
    05-01-2015 07:30 PM
  8. B Posey's Avatar
    I got the gold version. I think it is by far the best looking S6 edge...

    Posted via my Galaxy S6 edge...
    05-01-2015 09:29 PM
  9. Mr_Spencer's Avatar
    I got the black. Only to realize it's actually blue. Lol. Sapphire black my behind.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-01-2015 10:16 PM
  10. orangemartini's Avatar
    I have the "black" , I got it because it's not actually black or I wouldn't have picked that color. It's dark blue, just like Mr Spencer says. I really like how it looks different shades/colors in different lighting. I haven't seen the gold in real life, and didn't have the patience to wait to see it. I don't like the white on the Edge at all. Don't know why, but it looks funny.
    05-01-2015 10:21 PM
  11. swingarm's Avatar
    I have the black, I would've gotten the gold but my patience didn't extend till May 17th when I pre-ordered at the beginning of April.
    05-01-2015 10:44 PM
  12. prissysox's Avatar
    Black. But, yeah it's blue.
    05-01-2015 11:21 PM
  13. shadow82x's Avatar
    I love the sapphire black, I'm actually glade it's a dark blue in direct light. It's a new color that breaks away from the standard black, white, and gold.
    05-01-2015 11:37 PM
  14. jetspeedz's Avatar
    I went black b/c gold was just not available. Black looks good
    05-02-2015 12:40 AM
  15. akutch34's Avatar
    I was undecided going into the store, thought the Gold Platinum would be too gold. When I saw it in person, it looks much more silver than gold and my decision was made... I went with the Gold Platinum. Boyfriend has Black Sapphire so we have a nice compliment.
    05-03-2015 10:56 AM
  16. Pinhead117's Avatar
    Definitely get the Gold!
    05-03-2015 11:11 AM
  17. radyoactive's Avatar
    I'm going with gold and I'm fine to wait for availability, hopefully they can get some of the issues like the screen rotation and fast charger not working fixed.

    I wouldn't have picked a gold phone but this is really more of a satin platinum color, not the ugly gold on the s5.
    05-03-2015 12:00 PM
  18. chazglenn3's Avatar
    I have wanted a gold phone since they announced the Galaxy Note 4. Of course we didn't get that color in the US. The Gold Platinum of the S6 edge is just stunning. I love it and made sure to get a clear case to be able to see it.
    05-03-2015 01:58 PM
  19. TheDonJ77's Avatar
    The Platinum Gold is simply beautiful. More platinum/chrome in low light and deadly gorgeously gold in direct light and/or sunlight. Never had a gold phone but so glad I chose the gold S6 edge.
    05-03-2015 02:51 PM
  20. Omaga_62's Avatar
    Egde in gold is my choose, looks great
    05-03-2015 02:51 PM
  21. EMGSM's Avatar
    I have both and they both look great to me. However, if you don't want a lot of attention, don't get gold cause it is eye-catching. BTW the gold is my daily driver.
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    05-03-2015 05:10 PM
  22. Richard Servello's Avatar
    The only thing I don't particularly care for is the fact that the "black" model is actually blue.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-06-2015 03:48 PM
  23. briggy79's Avatar
    I like the black myself and that's what I got the gold is nice but I don't want a gold phone. Green is the best looking for me but Verizon doesn't offer that. White is the worst I agree.
    ^ Agree!
    05-06-2015 04:19 PM
  24. knowledge_6's Avatar
    To me sapphire Black sounds Black with a hint of blue since sapphire is a blue stone?
    I believe Sapphire Black is a colour for BMW and if u look closely it has a hint of blue.. so i do not know why people are surprised about it having blue in it?!

    I got the Gold... i wanted it since launch.. i wanted a Gold phone since the G3 ... but the G3 and note 4 (which both had gold variants) never came to Canada..

    when i found out the Gold S6 edge was coming to Canada.. i jumped on it and even waited 3 weeks extra for it.. i'm glad i did!! it's amazing... plus the build date is April 20th, so it came with the updated software already and hopefully some bug fixes and no screen scratches cause everything is mint..

    my battery lasts 90% of the day.. just as long as it gets me through the working day i am ok.. i charge it everynight...

    at work sometimes i use Side Sync which requires me to plug in my phone to the PC which charges it.. so i am good either way ; >

    But yes GOLD : >
    05-07-2015 09:34 AM
  25. katmandoo122's Avatar
    I have the Gold with the Samsung Protective Cover and today - I swear to god - someone in the elevator asked me sincerely if it was the iPhone 7. I think the iPhone 6's look like garbage but I took it as a compliment from this obvious Apple fangyrl.
    05-07-2015 11:15 AM
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