1. dsiiist's Avatar
    The screen has a very small faint dot on it, looking closely it seems like the machine accidentally touched the glass and made a very very small scratch on it, it's barely visible and non of my family members seemed to be able to see it when I showed them, and it's likely that the guy at the won't be able to detect it. The question is, should I return the phone or just keep it, this seems to be a very common issue with phones if you look very closely on any screen u probably will find something that resembles this (happened previously with my iPhones). The phone is otherwise flawless with a centered camera module no scratches like the ones seen on other s6 edges.

    I know I'm being very picky here but I just wanna know you guys' opinion
    05-02-2015 05:30 AM
  2. Matt247's Avatar
    return if still under warranty.
    05-02-2015 05:35 AM
  3. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    Agree if your able to return it I'd do that but if you can't not that big of a deal
    05-02-2015 07:13 AM
  4. DrePizzle's Avatar
    Keep it, you will have smudge marks and nicks all over it in no time

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-02-2015 10:11 AM
  5. orangemartini's Avatar
    Are you getting great battery life? Does screen rotation work? Does the screen dim by itself even when you don't have auto turned on? Does it overheat? Does the display have lines running through it? Is it covered with hairline scratches? Do pictures you take have purple dots? Your camera module is centered? (lol, mine's not). If it doesn't have any of these problems, maybe you should keep it, lest you find yourself saying later "I should have just kept the first one"...

    Not necessarily saying you should keep it, only you know how ocd you are. If you don't return it, will you regret it later? Or will you forget there's a dot there?
    05-02-2015 04:47 PM
  6. bembol's Avatar
    Your money, if it bothers you then return it.

    Having said that I used to inspect my toys like with microscope. It got to the point where it annoying for both the store and I.

    SHIFT_sixty four s6 edge
    05-02-2015 04:49 PM
  7. Gea-T's Avatar
    If that is all that's wrong with the phone I would just keep it. Never know the next one you get could be plague with other issues like auto rotation not working, bad battery, dead pixels...
    05-02-2015 06:37 PM
  8. Rohith K's Avatar
    I am in a similar situation but with a different issue so small that only I noticed it.
    No one can answer this question. Its up to you.

    Other people wont notice it but if it continues to bother you everytime you look it I think you should return it to satisfy yourself.
    05-06-2015 12:46 AM

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