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    I have a Galaxy S6 Edge, and I am having an issue with viewing photos on the phone. When I view photos with the Photos app (google plus photos app), zooming in does not reveal any additional detail and the photo looks very blurry. When I use the built in Gallery app, however, I can zoom in and see very crisp detail in the image. I'm not sure why this happens and I would appreciate any help in solving this. I know it isn't an issue with the image itself, because I can view it fine in the Gallery app. Even in the Photos app, if I view the details of the image, it shows the full resolution of the image, but when I zoom in the photo is very blurry.

    Thanks for any help!
    05-24-2015 10:20 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! In the Photos app, are you viewing the photo in the main "All/Highlights" screen, or swiping in from the left and selecting "On Device"? I wonder if you might be viewing the photo that got backed up to Google+ Photos, which might be lower resolution (depending on your backup settings), instead of the actual photo saved to local storage.
    05-25-2015 06:28 PM
  3. robbier01's Avatar
    Thanks for getting back to me! It doesn't matter which section of the app I am in...either "All" or "On device" both show blurry images when zoomed in. My google photos backup setting is set to back up at full resolution.

    I've attached two pictures that illustrate the issue - the blurry one is viewed using the Photos app, and the clear one is the same picture, zoomed in, viewed using the built in Gallery app.

    Thanks again!
    Attached Thumbnails Photos are blurry when viewed using the Photos app but clear when viewed using the Galley app. Why is this?-2015-05-26-05.59.58.jpg   Photos are blurry when viewed using the Photos app but clear when viewed using the Galley app. Why is this?-2015-05-26-06.01.02.jpg  
    05-26-2015 02:18 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Google+ Photos can act a little funny sometimes. Try going to the App Manager, select Google+, and Clear Cache/Clear Data, then Force Stop. Now open Photos again and give it a few seconds to repopulate its database. Does it persist?
    05-26-2015 03:57 AM
  5. robbier01's Avatar
    I just did that and photos are still blurry in the photos app, unfortunately. If it's just a problem with the app itself that can't really be fixed then that is ok, I can just use the Gallery app. I've done some searching and haven't found a lot of reports on this issue, though, so I'm wondering if it's just my phone or if it's a problem with the app that everyone has but that isn't easily noticeable, since pictures look fine until I start zooming in on them.
    05-26-2015 04:25 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Unfortunately, I don't have an answer to that. On my Nexus 5, pics look totally sharp on Photos when zoomed in. Very odd.
    05-26-2015 03:25 PM
  7. robbier01's Avatar
    Ok, no problem! Thanks again.
    05-26-2015 05:30 PM
  8. ryantollefson's Avatar
    Exact same issue here. Seems to be the photos app. After a reboot of the phone (gs6 edge) it works for a short time, then goes back to blurry.

    Photos look fine on computer, or with the Gallery app.
    05-28-2015 02:38 AM

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