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    As a preface - I DON'T want my phones pictures on Facebook - I DO want my Facebook pictures on my phone.

    My previous Galaxy S devices have all synced this stuff no problem. I just chatted with a Tech and I "thought" he got them to sync, what he really did was switch my Photo Gallery to category mode, which made me think it had synced my Facebook photo's. I thanked him etc etc.. then after the call I took a look and NOPE.. Not really synced. I cannot for the life of me find this option now. I've looked under "acounts" where it does have some generic sync with Facebook, but it doesn't specify, and it's obviously not syncing them, so that generic sync isn't doing it.

    The only Facebook thing I have seen it sync is some event invitation.. that's it. No Facebook birthdays, no Facebook photo's.. notta.

    Btw, he (the tech) was emulating my phone, so I didn't have a way to really click around and verify. Like I said, it did look "different" after he changed it to Categories, but was still just all of my photo's I had on the phone already.

    If anyone knows where this option is hiding, or, if it has been gotten rid of, please let me know!

    05-24-2015 09:45 PM

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