1. dclaw35's Avatar
    I just migrated from an iPhone to a galaxy s6 edge and was really missing the ability to reply from my lockscreen so I stumbled upon handcent and am really loving, I tried chomp and and go sms and I couldn't get the pop up to show up on my lockscreen on either of them, plus the customization wasn't exactly what I wanted, so I stuck with handcent because everything (for the most part) has worked fine. My issue is I can't receive mms to save my life and all the pictures I send out are really low res. (The low res thing may just be me being spoiled by my iphone)

    I've went through all the settings, tweaked the max file size and everything and I can't fix the low res sending but the main issue is that every time I try to receive a mms it says "downloading"and then after a short while I get a notification saying it failed and that my apn settings are wrong so I've tried selecting from the list "att 4g hspa+" and I've also tried manually putting in the apn info and I know all the apn settings are correct because I work at an att store, so it's not like I'm illiterate. So can someone help me?*I've email handcent support 5 separate times with my inquiry and have not gotten a response so if someone can help me fix my issue or point me in the direction of a similar app that isn't chomp or go sms.
    06-01-2015 12:32 PM
  2. iFrosty's Avatar
    try using Textra. Way better than handcent.

    Two: Don't mess with the max file size for MMS. That will usually always cause problems.
    06-02-2015 01:50 PM

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