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    For a while, I was accustomed to having the S6 edge operating at above normal temperature... Because you know, the thing gets hot. But unlike previous weeks, the heat coming off of the charger/bottom of the phone felt ridiculous. The charger wouldn't always heat up to these temperatures, however it seemed like this occurred more than 75% of the time. The heat caused discoloration in the charger plastic, and caused physical deformation. And obviously, this gave off a smoldering plastic odor. When I used a different charger, the battery would sometimes cap out at 70-80%, and refuse to charge any further. I've even had the phone turn off completely at nights, which is not ideal for relying using an android alarm to wake up.

    Today, I was able to get my hands on a thermal gun in order to test the heat coming off of this monster. I closed all apps, turned off GPS and turned down the screen brightness. Within one minute of using the original charger, the beloved Mobie app gave me the temperature warning. At this time, the thermal gun had read 130 degrees. I waited until the 5 minute mark to test the phone again, and the thermal gun displayed a whopping 161°F. That temperature can cause third degree burning within a matter of seconds. So obviously, something is wrong here.

    A few things to note: I am running the original OS. I also had a screen fracture on the front of the LCD screen. However, this fracture was caused through a case back in early June... And the extreme temperatures have only been occurring for 1.5 weeks. So there's a chance I didn't noticed the heat, although that seems unlikely.

    This afternoon, I contacted Samsung customer support regarding the issues I've been having with the edge. Carlos was more than helpful, but gave me the typical spiel that I expected... "Send your phone in, we'll charge you for the physical damage repair, and send it back to you". He also went ahead to say that I should make sure my apps are closed. Because I'm sure that Snapchat and Instagram are causing crock-pot temperatures.

    Personally, I found it interesting that Samsung customer support treated this like a standard battery problem. 161°F could cause serious harm to a human being or induce some sort of electrical fire. But anyway, I'll be heading to Verizon tomorrow to replace my phone with the Asurion protection plan.
    Have these absurd temperatures happened for anyone else?

    Justin Bauer

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    07-07-2015 07:14 PM
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    Wow, that's ridiculous!

    Posted with my shiny s6
    07-08-2015 05:48 AM
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    That's really scary for it to get that hot

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    07-09-2015 12:11 AM
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    So bad man, it is samsung's classic
    07-09-2015 03:24 AM

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