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    Hi guys, I upgraded yesterday from the Note 4 to the s6 edge. I'm with tmobile and had the 5.1.1 update already installed on the phone when I bought it. The phone was unbearably hot yesterday after doing the Samsung switch so after some trouble shooting I went ahead and did a factory reset. I noticed that helped a lot, however I was having a lot of battery drain. I checked my software updates and behold a update was waiting, I took a screen shot before I installed today. I do notice the battery is draining much slower now and the phone is much cooler. I'm loving this phone and I hope I don't experience anymore issues. For those with tmobile, how do I get alerted that there's a new software update? I use to be alerted as soon as one was ready to download but since I've had the note 4 I need to check manually.. Never had that happen with my Samsung s3, s4, LG g2, LG g3.
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    08-05-2015 06:46 PM
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    The phone will fill hot from time to time mostly because it's glass and glass and metal don't conduct heat that well . All though I'm on att I've had this happen to me . I wouldn't be to alarmed my phone seems fine now . The rapid battery drain is something all smartphone do from time to time . Thing is the phones are getting so thin now it's harder to
    Dispatch heat as way. Which will have an affect on your battery

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    08-06-2015 11:32 AM

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