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    Hi all,

    To explain in better detail, for example: If I'm on FB messenger on my macbook talking to someone, my phone will constantly be beeping getting the notifications for every message received too. Same goes for any other FB related notifications and also on Skype.

    Now up until recently, If i was talking to someone on my mac, my phone wouldn't get any notifications whatsoever, because It knew I was clearly accessing the messages elsewhere, same goes for Skype... Perfect!

    But alas, no more. So every time I go on my phone I have to recheck all my messages on FB and Skype, and anything FB has alerted me of to make all the built up notifications go away. Also back when everything was working properly, if I wasn't at any device and a message came through, obviously my phone would beep as per normal BUT if I ignored the phone and went on my computer to check the FB message, my phone would realise it's been checked, and the notification goes away on my phone!

    I know it seems a bit petty, but I'm engaged in conversations almost constantly, so having to check everything twice gets really tiresome, plus the fact that it never used to happen before proves there must be a way to fix this!

    Any ideas would be much appreciated
    11-04-2015 08:57 PM

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