1. Diane Rivera Bastida's Avatar
    I'm switching phones in a week and I wanted to organize my photos in my files in less folders but when I did they dissappeared in my gallery. I tried putting them back and it still didn't work. Without them in my gallery I cant back them up on Google 😭 what do I do?
    05-01-2016 12:32 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    When you move a picture, Gallery is still looking for it in the old location. It probably removed it from the database when it didn't find it. Then you mooved it back, but it's not in the database, so Gallery didn't even look for it. Restart the phone and the database will get rebuilt.
    05-01-2016 05:18 AM
  3. Randy 1's Avatar
    That doesn't work with mine. My photos disappear from my Gallery all the time. I've done the on..off ,tried starting in safe mode, tried soft reset, no photos back. I did get some photos to move back in to gallery by going to application's manager, school to gallery, clear gallery memory and then turned phone off waited for about 30 minutes turned back on but didn't open anything, put on charger and left overnight.
    Next morning most of my photos were back.
    Now I have a new problem, I keep getting files that are called .nomedia , they have screwed up my photos by somehow deleated them. No idea where. .nomeda comes from or how to get rid of it. I've deleted the file every way I can permanent deleat a file and it somehow comes back sometime within minutes sometimes a day, but it comes back. .....I give up....help....
    05-13-2016 11:17 PM

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