1. AC Question's Avatar
    Storage of my Samsung S6 Edge shows 64 Gb, however available space is only 7.49 Gb and Miscellaneous files taking 54.21 Gb!!! ??? What does it mean? On computer, as a media device, total space is only 12 Gb?

    Please help, how can I make it normal?
    05-14-2017 11:24 PM
  2. LeoRex's Avatar
    Your internal storage is awash with junk... If the 'Misc' isn't showing you enough information, download and run DiskUsage from the Play Store. It gives a graphical representation of the files and how much space they fill. You can then drill down to the biggest offenders, whether they be pictures and videos that you've downloaded and never cleared or apps that have a ton of cached data or data stored on the internal storage.
    05-15-2017 11:44 AM

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