1. Matt_2662's Avatar
    hello! i went into device maintenance under settings and tapped the Fix Now/Optimize button, which then showed me the status of all the actions being performed- one of these was the deleting of files- it deleted 1-2 GB ! i couldn't get any details as to what exactly this deleted, and 1-2 GB seems like a lot for cached and temp files- does anyone know exactly what gets deleted? i did some Googling but didn't find any results that gave any details..

    06-21-2018 08:56 AM
  2. mr_master's Avatar
    It's not that unusual for cache this size to build up, especially when using apps like YouTube, Netflix, Snapchat, other social media apps, browsers, etc. that need to cache bigger/many files.
    06-21-2018 09:12 AM
  3. Matt_2662's Avatar
    thanks, so what exactly gets deleted? i still haven't figured that out yet..
    06-21-2018 05:13 PM
  4. mr_master's Avatar
    Things like thumbnails, preloaded videos and images, preloaded text, posts, etc. But no need to worry, actual content in apps won't get deleted.
    06-25-2018 07:39 AM
  5. Matt_2662's Avatar
    ok, thanks.. i'm assuming the Fix Now/Optimize actions do not touch personal data like pictures, music, videos, documents etc?
    06-25-2018 05:16 PM
  6. mr_master's Avatar
    Correct, it should not delete any data that are not temporary files or cache.
    06-26-2018 05:04 AM
  7. MIZAN RAHMAN1's Avatar
    It will also delete you private files which you hidden by file Hider pro in internal storage. which are in hermit folder of internal storage
    09-12-2018 05:35 AM