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    Hi all, recently I decided to root my phone. First I used Odin to install "CF-Auto-Root-zeroltebmc-zeroltebmc-smg925w8.tar.md5", and everything seemed fine. Then after installing/uninstalling a couple of things the SuperSU app says "SU not detected" or something to that effect. I realized that I needed TWRP for Xposed framework anyways so I decided to "reroot" it by installing TWRP through Odin. After the install, I tried booting into recovery mode and my phone flashed white and then the screen was dark and became completely unresponsive. Well, unresponsive for all the buttons EXCEPT the touchscreen, oddly enough.

    I accidentally hit the screen with my palm and a bright white light flashed.again. It was strange. I could do this once every 5-to minutes. Then I touched the screen with two fingers and this appeared:


    Had a friend take the photo for me, as this screen normally lasts 1-5 minutes then goes to black again. Same with the flash I could only do this every 5-10 minutes. I'm here waiting for the battery to run out then try to boot it again, but I thought it would be better to get some knowledgeable help from here. I hope this is fixable. Thanks!

    Edit: It is at first a vertical gradient green beam, then after about half a second the white translucent lines appear above it.
    07-11-2016 08:18 PM

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