1. Chi Hyun Ahn's Avatar
    BEFORE READING THIS: I might be wrong. This is not a scientific test.

    Well, I assumed that the bezels on the phone were too large and the screen size didn't look like a 5.5/5 inch display. So I decided to compare the leaked "Galaxy S6" and the Galaxy S5

    First I edited the leaked image (NOT PHOTOSHOPPED) I just leveled the photo so the phone looks flat and not look like it was taken on an angle. You'll see what I mean when you look at the picture.

    Galaxy S6 Yellow Phone Leak Can Be Fake?-screenshot-80-.png

    I also turned down the highlights, more shaprening, etc.

    Now the Final image looks like this:
    Galaxy S6 Yellow Phone Leak Can Be Fake?-gs6leakedlr.jpg

    Let's Compare.
    The comparing is done with the app called PicCollage. The photo of the Galaxy S5 is by Phone Arena

    Galaxy S6 Yellow Phone Leak Can Be Fake?-img_20141229_191945.jpg
    In this picture, I tried to match the bottom bezels and home button. Why the home button? Because pretty much the Samsung Note 2,3,4 Samsung Galaxy S4,5 and the Galaxy Alpha has the same or identical home button size. Especially the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Alpha.
    When I match the bottom bezel of both phones, the size of the "Galaxy S6" is smaller than the Galaxy S5.
    Infact, WAY smaller.

    Galaxy S6 Yellow Phone Leak Can Be Fake?-collage-2014-12-29-19_05_39.jpg
    Now I tried to match the size of the phone from top to bottom. Now the "Galaxy S6" has bigger bezels and home button size than the Galaxy S5.

    Galaxy S6 Yellow Phone Leak Can Be Fake?-att_1419910284357_collage-2014-12-29-19_06_03.jpg
    Final Image. I tried to match the Screen size. Now the "Galaxy S6" is bigger than the Galaxy S5. The "Galaxy S6" has bigger bezels

    This is why I think the Leaked Galaxy S6 is fake.
    Maybe it's an another phone.
    Galaxy A7?

    What do you guys think?
    12-29-2014 09:14 PM
  2. Xenomorph235's Avatar
    looks fake to me :/
    02-12-2015 07:53 PM

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