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    I've posted this over the Edge forum and also in one of the thread here, but decided to create a new Thread so it gets to more people.

    This thread that I created last year for the S5 helped me and others getting the best possible battery life out of it, so maybe you can use some of them on the S6 and see if it also helps with the S6.

    Also, on the thread over the Edge forum I was remembered about the Lookout Security App and the other App that is supposed to help optimizing the phone. Believe me, you don't need those, they maybe part of the Battery Drain or even some of the rare cases of Lag/Stutter that some people have mentioned. Do yourself a favor and disable them, plus some of the others you will see in the link.

    Again, it may help or not, I don't know as I still can't get my Edge, but you can try yourself. Post results, please.

    03-31-2015 02:01 PM

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